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The following is a press release submitted to SOURCE media (photo Petroni Media Company)


FRAMINGHAM – Charlie Sisitsky was inaugurated at noon today January 1, 2022 as Mayor of Framingham. He was sworn in by his daughter-in-law, the Hon. Jennifer A. Stark, Associate Judge, Framingham District Court.

Sisitsky, who was elected by an overwhelming majority on November 2, 2021, is only the second person to hold the post since the municipality changed to a form of mayor and city council in 2018. Due to the pandemic of Ongoing COVID, the event was an in-person and virtual event hybrid.

As Mayor Sisitsky greeted his predecessor and wished him good luck, he collectively thanked the citizens of Framingham who “stood up for the change we needed”.

Mayor Sisitsky has repeatedly stressed his administration’s commitment to openness and transparency, saying he intends “to bring back a spirit of cooperation, respect and civility to the hotel city ​​”. Citing an “urgent need for better government and civic engagement,” the new mayor praised city council as a co-equal branch of city government and said he would “work with them to help them achieve achieve their goals for the improvement of the city “.

As he did throughout the campaign and as mayor-elect, Sisitsky cited his administration’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and inclusiveness for all. “We have already started the process of finding the best, the brightest, the most diverse, the multilingual and the most talented.”

For the future, the mayor spoke of “an obligation towards future generations”, while he insisted on the need for a sustainable development platform to fight against climate change, to intensify efforts cleanup and further development of the Mary Dennison Playground, complete the General Chemical cleanup using funding secured by Senate Speaker Karen Spilka, and restore code enforcement to improve environmental justice in neighborhoods of the city.

Mayor Sisitsky said he would invest in education using “an equity lens” and “emphasizing green development”. He reiterated the “overwhelming need for an early childhood center and primary school in the southern part” of town and made securing a suitable site “a top priority”.

For the city’s seniors, Sisitsky said his administration “will work with the Council on Aging, Friends of Callahan and the Callahan Center to improve healthy aging.”

Citing local businesses as ‘the backbone of Framingham’s economy’ and to help them as they continue to navigate the COVID pandemic, which has now lasted for two years, the mayor said he would respect the ‘requirement of the city charter to provide a plan for reorganizing the planning and economic development department. “In December, Mayor Sisitsky announced the appointment of Louise Miller as the city’s chief financial officer, the calling it one of the most important it will do.

The mayor also said he would explore using the proposed new Economic Development Corporation and other resources to work with the Commonwealth on plans for a new courthouse and government center that would include a new city ​​hall, arts center and more downtown parking lots.

While acknowledging that Framingham, like the rest of the world, is “weary of COVID,” the mayor said, “we want our children to stay in school and our businesses to recoup their losses,” and reminded everyone that “Each of us has a responsibility to our community to get vaccinated and to follow the regulations. ”

Massachusetts State Representative Maria Duiame Robinson, who was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity by President Joe Biden and is awaiting confirmation, was the host of the day’s ceremony .

Other elected officials and dignitaries included City Clerk Lisa Fergusson, President George King, Jr., and members of City Council, President Adam Freudberg, and members of the School Committee, all of whom were sworn in today. city ​​state members and federal delegations who participated remotely; Dr Javier Cevallos, President of Framingham State University, Nick Paganella, Secretary of the Framingham Veterans Council, Rabbi Sam Blumberg of Temple Beth Am, Reverend Gregory Morisse, Senior Pastor of Plymouth Church, the Framingham High School Concert Band and the Honor Guards of the Framingham Police and Fire Department.

Before concluding by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and inviting their contributions, help and ideas, Mayor Sisitsky reiterated that the people of Framingham “want us to do a better job of governance”. says, “start here and now.” “

In addition to Mayor Sisitsky, 7 city councilors and 8 school committee members were sworn in today at the ceremony. Five library administrators and three cemetery administrators were also sworn in. A few elected people were unable to attend today’s ceremony and will be sworn in later.

Editor’s Note: SOURCE will have more photos and a report on the launch later.


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