The city registers 56 cases of Covid-19; Sanjay Raut booked in Delhi for “abusive language”


Manish Sisodia: “Education has now entered the political discourse. This is our added value to politics’

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia from Delhi at the Idea Exchange. (Special photo by Prem Nath Pandey)

Manish Sisodia talks about the learning loss in the pandemic, the AAP poll prospects and whether the BJP has forced parties to move to the right. This session was moderated by National Education Editor-in-Chief Ritika Chopra and Chief Journalist Mallica Joshi.

Ritika Chopra: What do you take away from the brief two-week period when the schools were open?

Children are curious about when things will get better. Now we have a new variant, so parents and children are afraid. There is a whole generation of students who have suffered an incredible learning loss. There is no substitute for offline learning. It’s a challenge to make up for the loss. We don’t know how we’ll fill the void once things get back to normal.

Delhi BJP Chairman Adesh Gupta on Sunday reported a train carrying more than 200 women to Ayodhya from Old Delhi station. He said the third yatra was organized by the state unit and the women would return on Wednesday.

It comes a week after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reported a train carrying 1,000 elderly people to Ayodhya as part of the government’s free pilgrimage program.

A day after four students in Class X were assaulted outside a public school in East Delhi, allegedly by a group of students from another school, an initial police investigation showed the victims had been harassed for some time. time.

On Saturday, the students, who had come to take an exam at the school, were reportedly chased by the other group and attacked with sharp objects. “We’re trying to figure out the exact reason, but it looks like they’ve been harassed for a month. The defendants were standing outside the school with weapons… ”said a senior police officer.


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