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ALEXANDRIE, Virginia, November 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ACTFL is pleased to announce that the National Language Teacher of the Year 2022 has been awarded to Heather Sweetser, Arabic Teacher at the University of New Mexico (A M), and a regional finalist representing the South West Conference on Language Education (SWCOLT). The award ceremony took place during the general opening session of the ACTFL 2021 Virtual Convention and World Language Expo to Friday 19 November.

Heather Sweetser, Arabic teacher from New Mexico was named ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year 2022

Heather Sweetser has an MA in Arabic and received a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Arabic, Islamic Studies and International Studies, all from the Ohio State University. Sweetser has also been a lead instructor for the UNM STARTALK program since 2015, helping heritage speakers achieve state certification. She received the 2020 Award for Innovation in Directing the Language Program: Online Teaching of the American Association of University Supervisors, Coordinators, and Directors of Language Programs (AAUSC), and was UNM Speaker of the Year for 2019-2020 In 2020, she was named Teacher of the Year by the Organization of Language Teachers of New Mexico (NMOLE), and SWCOLT.

The ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year Award elevates the status of the language teaching profession at state, regional and national levels by creating opportunities for recognition of the profession’s most accomplished members. The teacher of the year becomes the spokesperson for the language profession in order to increase the visibility of the importance of language and culture learning to the general public.

“Congratulations to Heather Sweetser on being named 2022 ACTFL’s National Teacher Language of the Year,” said Howie berman, executive director of ACTFL. “I applaud his tireless dedication and innovative approaches to language teaching throughout his career. I look forward to working with her next year as she takes on the important role of ACTFL Teacher of the Year at a critical time for the profession. “

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The other four ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year finalists representing other geographic regions of the United States were:

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