Fewer students took Wisconsin’s standardized tests this spring and scores fell



When Wisconsin administered state standardized tests to students last spring, only 84 percent took English exams and 85 percent took math exams. Since the statewide math and English proficiency rates calculated from these exams are based on the total number of students enrolled, not the number of students who actually have passed the exams, the state’s Department of Education warns that lower participation rates may be part of the reason reading and math scores have plummeted statewide this year.

According to data from the Wisconsin Student Assessment System released Wednesday, 32% of Wisconsin students were proficient in the arts of the English language and 31% were proficient in mathematics, compared to 39.3% in English and 40.1% in mathematics in 2019. In because of the state school. Closures in the spring of 2020, when the tests are administered, the only test data from last year is that of the ACT taken by grade 11 students. The DPI requested, but did not receive, a waiver from the US Department of Education to exempt all students from statewide testing in the spring of 2021.

For Grade 11 students, math proficiency scores have jumped from 32.5% last year to 25.5% this year, and English from 36.8% last year to 33% this year. .

“In a school year filled with unprecedented challenges and in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, our educators and students have persevered,” State Superintendent Jill Underly said in a data press release tests. “The participation and proficiency rates are different from other years, and this is not surprising given the extraordinary circumstances and challenges faced all over our state, including schools and districts. Make no mistake, students have learned many lessons this year – in resilience, time management, technology, and problem solving – that may not be reflected in a standardized assessment, and we continue to have some work to make sure our students grow, learn and feel safe and supported in school. “

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This year’s report includes the results of the advanced exam tests, taken by students in Grades 3 through 8 and Grades 10. Two versions of the ACT, a national college entrance test, taken by students in grades 9-11, and dynamic learning maps administered to students with dementia at all levels. Scores play a major role in the compilation of school district report cards.

In Wisconsin’s parental choice programs, 75 percent of students took English exams last spring and 76 percent took math exams. The percentage of students who scored as proficient or advanced in the arts of the English language was 18 percent in all electives, and 13.7 percent in mathematics.

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